Thursday, December 6, 2007

West Virginia GOP Presidential Delegates

This is a summary of the West Virginia GOP delagates list found at

Uncommitted 629 43%
Paul 217 15%
Romney 212 15%
Thompson 163 11%
Huckabee 129 9%
Guiliani 90 6%
McCain 25 2%
Hunter 7 0%
Keyes 5 0%
Total 1447 100%

Monday, October 1, 2007

All the Antiwar without the Socialism

On my way home today I thought about how so many people in this country want to end the war but unless the Republicans nominate Ron Paul their choice will be...

Continue the war or expand socialism. Well most likely you will get both regardless of who is elected, but those will be the options presented and most will think they really need to make such a choice. This is why I think the Ron Paul campaign supporters need to start really emphasizing that there is a third choice which is one most would agree to, less socialism and less war.

Like everything else in the Ron Paul campaign I propose we make it happen and let Dr Paul adopt it. We the people are leading his campaign and will adopt what works. What we need is a good slogan that gets those two points (1-antiwar, and 2-antisocialism). My suggestion was "all the antiwar without the socialism" But I am sure with all the creative people out there, we can come up with something catchier.

Just imagine if we got a catchy slogan that passed those two ideas on. I would guess that at least 50% of the people would remember it and think much more positively and vote for Paul if they heard it enough. We need to write it everywere, make signs with it, get newspapers to print pictures of it, repeat in their articles, get Dr Paul saying it in speechs, and in no time people will be saying on the streets.

So lets hear your suggestions!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

HR 297 - a bad law

Congress recently decided to overreact to the latest gun tragedy by taking away more peoples right to protect themselves. HR 297 will retroactively label people mentally sick and take away their constitutionaly protected right to own a gun. Shouldn't they also just go ahead and remove their right to freedom of speech and religion as well?

Thankfully Ron Paul voted against it. He is the only presidential candidate from either major party that americans can count on to protect gun rights.